Three Tips For Choosing The Right Linens To Rent For Your Wedding Reception

Many brides do not know how much goes into planning for their wedding until they actually start doing it. One aspect of your wedding that is important to plan for is the reception. You more than likely have already considered the fact that you need to have tables and chairs for everyone to sit at, but you need to make sure that you do not forget about the linen that you plan to use during your reception. Read More 

Plan A Rehearsal Dinner That Will Be Remembered

The rehearsal dinner gives new couples the opportunity to engage and interact with family and friends before the busy nuptials. The mood should be light, and the event a bit less formal than the upcoming affair. While many couples are skipping out on the tradition of a rehearsal dinner, they are truly missing out on an intimate and memorable component of their perfect wedding. Some things to consider when seeking to plan a rehearsal dinner to remember are: Read More 

Eight Patriotic Party Favor Ideas For Your Military Reunion

When you plan or host a military reunion with your fellow brothers and sisters in-arms, you don't want to give tacky or cliché favors to these honored guests. Instead, once you have your event head-count, plan on some of the following party favor ideas that have a bit of military flair: Customized dog tags. There are some vendors found online that will create personalized dog tag-style pendants that are customized with the event date and other insignias. Read More 

Water Slide Safety: What Every Water Park Guest Needs To Know

Spending a day at a water park can be a great way to get some relief from the heat while still having lots of fun in the process. Even though water parks have staffed lifeguards and attendants whose job it is to watch out for your safety, the fact remains that you still hold a certain degree of responsibility for your own actions. Before you hit up your next water slide, there are some things you need to know. Read More 

Serve A Gluten-Free Wedding Dinner

For you gluten-free brides-to-be, planning a wedding dinner may seem too complicated to pull off, but take heart. An entire gluten-free food industry has developed in recent years, and many caterers offer just what you need. Plus you can find online help to do it yourself. Paired with beautiful wedding table settings, gluten-free food makes your reception dinner a sumptuous affair. Gluten Gluten is a mixture of two proteins found in grain, especially wheat, that gives dough its elastic texture. Read More